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One off sessions

Resilience and Wellbeing Programmes

Training for specific organisational roles


Want an inspiring and motivating wellbeing programme?

How about one of the following?


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Our very own 5-week resilience course

  • Evidence Based
  • A powerful course that goes deep to effect change
  • Lets participants try out a range of practical skills and theories
  • Includes resilience measures and feedback
  • Up to 15 people per session
  • Can inspire huge change

Monthly Wellbeing

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Let us run your wellbeing programme!

  • Monthly Themes
  • Engaging Content
  • Designed to suit your people
  • Mix of face-to-face sessions and more
  • Variety of content for example, nutrition, mindset, physical health and much more
  • Any numbers possible

Weekly Wellbeing

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Let us run weekly wellbeing sessions for you

  • weekly wellbeing sessions using on movement, mindset and/or meditation
  • resources for participants
  • feedback to assess effectiveness
  • can be designed to suit your people
  • regular sessions can help deepen the benefits

One off sessions

Already have a programme in place or want a taste of what we do?

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Taster sessions



Half day training


Full day sessions


Away days

We've a range of off-the-shelf sessions, e.g. resilience, mindfulness, wellbeing, mental health awareness, office yoga, stress management, sleep, anxiety, stress, mood boost, how to combat too much sitting, and many more.

Or let us know your ideas and we'll get creating!

Role-based training

Let us upskill people in your organisation with specific role-based wellbeing training

Mental Health First Aid (Wales) (2 days)

£ enquire now

Empowers people to recognise the signs of mental health difficulties and gives people confidence in how to respond. Helps to reduce the stigma of mental health and to help people look after both their mental health and that of others. Licensed in Wales by Training in Mind. The only evidence-based Mental Health First Aid course available.

Mental Health Awareness for Managers (2 half days)

£ enquire now

Looks at the benefits of supporting mental health at work. The course teaches managers to look out for the signs of mental ill health at work. It encourages leaders to have conversations with their teams about their mental health and to proactively support the mental health of their teams, as well as emphasising the importance of looking after themselves.

Wellbeing Champion Training (3 half days)

£ enquire now

Trains people in both proactive and reactive wellbeing skills, to help people both look out for their collegues and signpost as necessary, as well as proactively encouraging positive wellbeing, for example by running wellbeing programmes. It discusses how we can reduce the stigma of mental ill health. It is recommended this course runs in addition to the MHFA (Wales) course.

Benefits for organisations*


Reduce stress


Increase productivity


Reduce absence




Healthier happier staff

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What we do



To counter-balance the effects of too much sitting we get people moving more. We use yoga-inspired moves to help people look after their mental and physical health.



Mindfulness can help people proactively look after their stress levels and mental health. We have a practical take on mindfulness to help people experience the benefits.



We give people accessible mindset strategies to help them see things differently and be at their best. Small shifts in mindset can make a huge difference to performance.

Benefits for participants


Increased wellbeing


More resilient


More energy


More focus


Better sleep

What others have said

Why organisations need us



We do things differently. Designing bespoke sessions and programmes to meet the specific needs of your people. We will take time understanding what you want and making it happen.



Our sessions are 'not just yoga'. They are a fusion of ancient yoga principles with modern day psychological theory for maximum impact. There is no-one else who does what we do.


Evidence based

This is not just 'woo-woo' stuff that we making up. All of our sessions are based in evidence. More than that, they are based from years of experience with relevant professional bodies. We do what works.

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About Office Om's Founder

Hello! I'm Cathy Bailey

I'm on a mission to help people feel better every day. There is so much out there that helps, but also so much mis-information and ideas that just aren't practical. I want to change this. I want everyone to be empowered with skills and strategies to use when life gets tough.

I created Office Om from my yoga experience combined with strategies for change learnt as a counsellor. I've practiced yoga for over twenty years and I have over 10 years experience as a counsellor. I love using this experience to make a positive impact.